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The Characters

[Pinned] Character Template Form

Here is a little Template Form that you can use (or not, or part of it, as you wish !) to tell us a bit more about your characters.Name :Picture : (you can use sites like imgur for free hosting)Attributes :• Strength (STR): Strength is a measure o...
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The Characters

Beltrius Rilvulis

Name : Beltrius RilvulisPicture : Attributes :• STR 10• DEX 12• CON 8• INT 14• WIS 15• CHA 17 Race : DunmerClass : NightbladeAge : Quite young, 27 years oldAlignment : Lawful EvilBirth sign : The AtronachOccupation : At the moment his family suppo...
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The Characters


Click for background story***Basic Details***Full Name: Tze'qua or "subject 064"Race: ArgonianGender: FemaleAge: About 25Birthsign: The ApprenticePlace of Birth: ArgoniaAlignment: Chaotic GoodCombat Role: Damage DealerKnown Nicknames: TzeAttribute...
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The Characters


***Basic Details***Full Name: Hernald Bluebear [Hernald does not know his last name]Race: NordGender: MaleAge: 23Date of Birth: UnknownBirthsign: The SteedPlace of Birth: WindhelmAlignment: Neutral GoodCombat Role: TankKnown Nicknames: None***App...
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The Characters


***Basic Details***Full Name: Noraya FlareRace: DunmerGender: FemaleAge: 42Date of Birth: 22nd First SeedBirthsign: The LordPlace of Birth: RiftenAlignment: Chaotic NeutralCombat Role: TankKnown Nicknames: Dawn, Flare***Appearance***Physical Featu...
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