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Characters Stories

Every river starts from a source...

My father never told me much about my mother. We came to the village when I was still a baby. We used to live in a small house in a nearby forest, often wandering around. It was my father who taught me the basics of healing. He said I am a descend...
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Characters Stories

Demon with no soul

I was the first born in a family of phantom summoners with old traditions that were handed down from generation to generation. My family lived in old mansion in the middle of the forest. Far from any town on village. My name is Idemona, I guess I...
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Characters Stories

Gabriel's Notes

As Gabriel moved from Talking Island he started his diary. Soon enough he had realised writing down daily routine is not that much exciting. Thus the diary had turned to book of occasional notes.
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Characters Stories

The Shieldless Warrior

Fethrane was born in a small village called The Quiet Peaks settled in the mountains which are seperating dark and light elven teritories. The society was filled with dark elves and they were certain that magic and Shilen are evil and destructive,...
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