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The Characters

[Pinned] Characters Template Form

Here is a little Template Form that you can use (or not, or part of it, as you wish, everything in here is completely optional !) to tell us a bit more about your charactersWhat would be nice would be to create only one thread for all of your char...
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The Characters

Kyndra the Seeker

Name KyndraIC AttributesSTR 15DEX 15CON 9INT 7WIS 5CHA 12Race Dark elfClass Phantom Ranger Age 143Alignment Chaotic NeutralOccupation A seeker AppearanceLong White Hair Female Dark Elf. PersonalityNot so talkative. Always seeking a new adventure. ...
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The Characters

Woofie (Athya)

STR 4DEX 5CON 5INT 15WIS 7CHA 8::: I N F O R M A T I O N __ T O __ T H E __ P U B L I C :::- something your character can know if he asks NPCs like any human in Gludin, especially everyone involved in Einhasad's cult- exceptions are: At...
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The Characters


Name JizeraIC Attributes• Strength (STR): 5  • Dexterity (DEX): 9 • Constitution (CON): 9  • Intelligence (INT): 17 • Wisdom (WIS): 16  • Charisma (CHA): 13 Powers & Weaknesses+ Capable healer who can even revive those who recently died (if th...
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The Characters


Name GrazztIC AttributesSTR 12DEX 14CON 08INT 17WIS 12 CHA 19Race Dark ElfClass Palus KnightAge 190Alignment Lawful EvilOccupation Overlord of the Shillien EmpireWeakness For some reason that he still does not want to disc...
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The Characters

Fethrane the Shieldless

Name FethraneIC AttributesSTR 8DEX 18CON 11INT 7WIS 5CHA 12Race Dark elfClass Abyss WalkerAge Middle-AgedAlignment Lawful evilOccupation Insanely loves monster racing, sparing.AppearanceMiddle-Aged dark elf male, about average height. Dark, spiky ...
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The Characters


Name IdemonaIC AttributesSTR 7DEX 8CON 16INT 16WIS 15CHA 10Race Dark elfClass Shilien ElderAge Young Adult about 130Alignment Lawful evilPowersPatientGifted painterVery resistant to diseasesWeaknessesHard to communicate withArrogantAppearanceWhite...
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The Characters

New Horizons

Nickname: New HorizonsReal name: GabrielIC Attributes:STR 10DEX 11CON 12INT 15WIS 12CHA 12Powers & Weaknesses:With his strategical approach and diverse team on his side Gabriel can be fearsome power on the battlefield.On the other hand he may ...
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The Characters


Name: SanvisPicture: SoonTMIC Attributes: Strength (STR): 9 Dexterity (DEX): 12 Constitution (CON): 9 Intelligence (INT): 10 Wisdom (WIS): 10 Charisma (CHA): 6 Race: Dark elfClass: Abyss WalkerAge:Alignment: NeutralOccupation: None.Appearanc...
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The Characters

Hrube the Blade Seeker

Name: HrubeIC AttributesSTR: 14DEX: 12CON: 8INT: 13WIS: 11CHA: 12Background:As a child Hrube grew up in the city of dark elves. Born into a rich and religious family as the third son, he quickly realized that he has to prove himself if he wants to...
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The Characters

[Shillien Oracle] Nazrida

Player ID vixenVIPERNameNazridaRaceDark ElfGenderFemaleAgeAdultHeightTall, 1.72 cmAlignmentChaotic NeutralRole(s)Dynamic - A dynamic character is a person who changes over time, usually as a result of resolving a central conflict or facing a m...
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