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Lore Wiki

For some people, Lineage II is only a PvP videogame, and there's nothing wrong with that, but for us, it's a whole alternate reality, a living and breathing world in which our characters experience their life's journey...The Shillien Empire is pro...
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The Characters


Name: SanvisPicture: SoonTMIC Attributes: Strength (STR): 9 Dexterity (DEX): 12 Constitution (CON): 9 Intelligence (INT): 10 Wisdom (WIS): 10 Charisma (CHA): 6 Race: Dark elfClass: Abyss WalkerAge:Alignment: NeutralOccupation: None.Appearanc...
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The Characters

Hrube the Blade Seeker

Name: HrubeIC AttributesSTR: 14DEX: 12CON: 8INT: 13WIS: 11CHA: 12Background:As a child Hrube grew up in the city of dark elves. Born into a rich and religious family as the third son, he quickly realized that he has to prove himself if he wants to...
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The Characters

[Shillien Oracle] Nazrida

Player ID vixenVIPERNameNazridaRaceDark ElfGenderFemaleAgeAdultHeightTall, 1.72 cmAlignmentChaotic NeutralRole(s)Dynamic - A dynamic character is a person who changes over time, usually as a result of resolving a central conflict or facing a m...
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