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Fethrane was born in a small settlement located somewhere around Shadowfen. The settlement mer were mostly outcast dunmer who feared gods and magic itself, as magic is evil and destructive, thus younger mer were clueless about magic in this world. These younger generations were raised to spread and fight for their beliefs. At first they are thought to live together as a group, to hunt and find food and the very basics of archery and sword-wielding. After the first trial family decides which path their child should take, in other words, what role do they take. Upon reaching adulthood the young elf must choose to either leave the village and spreed their beliefs to the world or stay and protect the village. However, only those who passes their mentors trial can leave.

Fethrane and his younger brother Sanvis were born to a mercenary father Saldryn and a historian mother Tylli. Saldryn was a busy man so most of the time he was not at home. Elders of the village gave him a title of "Hell-Bound". As for Tylli she was a member of the council in the village and also a teacher, however she never spoke or mentioned about any higher beings such as deities or magic. Saldryn and Tylli had a very good reputation in the village.

Fethrane started training to wield a sword being very very young. Trainers spotted his potential and gave him private lessons. At the age of 20 parents insisted that he would choose his path by himself, so Fethrane begged to follow the path of a "night walker" in order to be like his father. And so he has started his road to be an assassin. His mentor was quite an interesting folk - he was intelligent, swift, adaptable, a true master of combat. The one thing that Fethrane admired the most was his fighting techniques. "trust your blade, but never a shield - there is no point in wasting time blocking your opponents strikes. You must hit hard and swiftly so that one cannot react // always let your opponent to believe he has the upperhand". Fethranes family and his mentor really admired his talent for fighting and even from time to time father would bring Fethrane to an easier mercenary mission. "In case of anything going bad, I could always trust someone who shares same blood as I do."

Also Fethrane loved to watch over his adventure-seeking brother, thus making him want to become stronger as he grew up. Sanvis' naivety and levity made him to appreciate small things in life. Fethrane tried his best to be an example to Sanvis, he even trained him everything he knew about combat with hope, that one day Sanvis could surpass Fethrane. However, in free time the brothers liked to help other comrades with their problems, for that they were hated and loved at the same time. They motivated their fallen friends to keep doing what they do as long as they like it. So Fethrane did the best he could for others.

One day trainer Lanthil gathered his group of young assassins to a mission to swamplands since there was a traitor hiding somewhere in there, or so the rumours were saying so. When they reached the swamplands they settled a camp to spend a night in. While settling Lanthil cought the traitor and humiliated him in front of assassins. As it was already late at night, the group decided to spend the night camping. They were guarding the camp in shifts of two (4 sleeping, 2 watching), but what they did not know that the traitor was a tricky wizard, so he tricked Lanthil into releasing him. After the wizard was in a safe spot he casted another spell on Lanthil that made him go berserk. Berserking Lanthil killed all of his students easily and the only one that left was Fethrane. Realising the situation, Fethrane ran into the forrest and hid himself while Lanthil chased him down. Using the element of dark and surprise Fethrane swiftly threw his dagger right in between his eyes which resulted into instant death. The very next morning he came back to the village completely broken, his entire crew was slaughtered and he hardly explained the situation to the elders.

After this event he started to spend less time with his brother and friends, he tried to be on his own not trying to hurt or help anyone, he just wanted revenge. So even in his free time he worked out trying to perfect his body. Upon reaching adulthood he went through a trial that was a tradition of the village. He completed it successfuly along with his companions. And at the end of the year he left the village in order to explore the world and share his adventures with brother. Altough... He did not knew what he was supposed to do really. At first he joined a guild that fought each other in pits for money and entertainment. Any race could join the guild as long as they proved themselves worthy in combat. For the time being Fethrane became known as The Shieldless Warrior, never used a shield, only a mix of a sword and a dagger, occasionaly with a mace. By experiencing lots of defeats and victories he developed a big passion to fighting, women and being a nuisence. As a side job he took mercenary quests for extra coin.

The last quest was an order to kill a khajiit that scammed this old dark elf. As soon as Fethrane got the khajiits location he went to hunt him, and after searching for a while he found the cat and killed him on sight. The next morning he brought the head to the old man and took his reward. The second he claimed his reward he recognized the old man as the one that slaughtered his crew. Without hesitation he withdrawed his dagger and thrusted it right in the throat. He did not felt any joy or regret, only a duty fulfilled. After that incident he left the guild and hid himself somewhere around Auridon.

One day he started a conversation with an old oracle. "Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or three hundred years old. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young". At first, Fethrane did not really listened to the old man, but as time went on, he started to realize that the world he was living the whole life was a lie, as if he was being brainwashed from the day he was born. So after that he started to study everything he could find, and with more books, more hatered he felt for his homeland.

Now that Fethrane is a free bird for almost ten years, for the first time in this time he met his brother - Sanvis. Sanvis reported that the home of both brothers was destroyed by a gang of mages or summoners as he said. At that moment Fethrane felt shocked and his curiosity settled a goal to find who did this, nevertheless he also felt a bit of joy, since he tought they got what they deserved.

"Not after your gold, we're after your soul
We make the sky bleed red snow"
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