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Name : Beltrius Rilvulis

Picture :

Attributes :
STR 10
DEX 12
INT 14
WIS 15
CHA 17

Race : Dunmer

Class : Nightblade

Age : Quite young, 27 years old
Alignment : Lawful Evil

Birth sign : The Atronach

Occupation : At the moment his family supports Beltrius financialy because they believe Beltrius is doing meaningful researching in the name of Telvanni. Besides that, he sometimes send Noraya of Hernald to do some questing to bring various materials to him, so he could sell them for a higher price. Other than that he is a mage, something like a stereotypical warlock would be.

Appearance details of note : Beltrius has white, shoulder-lenght hair finely brushed behind his ears. He doesn't manage his facial hair as he thinks it's a waste of time. If it get's too bushy or long, he just shaves it off and let's it grow 'till it's annoying again. He is about slightly smaller than an average Dunmer, has pure red eyes and a naturally angred facial expression. Other than that, he likes to dress well, usually expensive robes, but whenever he needs to go adventuring, he'll most likely use something that is comfortable to move in.

Personality : Persuasive, charismatic person. Always looks at both sides of a conflict, unless it is something about his beloved Goddess, then he'll defend her on whatever pointless topic it is. So you can say he's a bit koo-koo in the brain regarding his religious beliefs.

History : For a small introductory story, click here. If you want information, I'm afraid you'll have to talk to Beltrius himself.

"Not after your gold, we're after your soul
We make the sky bleed red snow"
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