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Rilvulis are known for their immense knowledge of the Dunmer lore, their influence towards researching destruction magic and wealth. Girillyn and Serylda worked very hard to achieve their status, tho it’s not the status of their name that was their goal, it was knowledge. They live near Tel Fyr, a Telvanni stronghold of a powerful master sorcerer Divayth Fyr and his daughters. Girillyn and Serylda to this day take Divayth as an example, learning everything he is willing to share and respect every decision he makes. Eventually, this pair gave birth to a total of seven children of whom they strongly encouraged to follow by their steps. They did, as there was no other choice for them to make.

Beltrius is the third child or Serylda and Girillyn. From a young age he was forced to study the arcane with no exceptions to his brothers and sisters. It didn’t take long before he found out that it was “boring”, as it was. Most of his young age instead of studying, he liked to spend his time sneaking around Tel Fyr, finding locks to pick, people to spy on to listen what they had to say without being caught. While most of the time he was caught, he did not really experienced any punishment for that. As long as he told his parents that “I was just trying to find something to read”, “That guy dropped his coin purse and I just wanted to give it back”, “I feel that while my brothers study here, we would achieve more if I studied there”. His parents never really cared, as long as his activity revolved around reading, reading and reading.
However, going towards his teenage years, he found his true talent – Restoration magic. At least, he thought it was his talent because that became his full time study material. His methods of studying were rather odd, but nothing that wasn’t done before him by someone else. He started off by setting small traps for small animals like rabbits, foxes, raccoons and etc. Once his “prey” was caught, he beat it down with a stick, rock or made knife cuts leaving the poor animal on the verge of dying and then cast restoration abilities to seal the wounds and heal the animal. With practice he built bigger traps for bigger creatures.

Eventually Beltrius turned 26, early in the morning he went to his common spot to set a trap. A few hours go by as Beltrius is alerted by the sound of a heavy impact followed by a long, sad squeak. As this is his routine now, he walked towards the victim that appears to be a dog. Without emotions or sensitivity he removes the trap and starts casting healing wounds. The dog opens his eyes, licks his lips, gets on his feet and stares directly into young Dunmer’s eyes. As Beltrius just tries to shoo him away, he suddenly feels frozen, as if everything around him stopped. No breathing, no heart beating, no blood flowing. All he can do is to move his eyes. The stray dog slowly transforms into a dunmer-ish like figure. White as white could be hair, moonlight-pale skin and a very feminine body. She emits this purple-ish black aura around her.
- I am Shilen, the all-seeing mother of dunmer and the Goddess of Destruction. I you are one of my many chosen ones.
Beltrius feels a deep sympathy towards this female, as he can’t resist his beauty.
- Spread my message, gather followers, be the core of my chaos and I shall grant you a powerful ability.
Beltrius wants to answer but his lips are not moving, so he just thinks to himself “Anything… For you”.
- Then go and wait. Be ready for the day moon turns red, skies bleed blood and so called “gods” tremble in fear.
As she is talking she touches his forehead channeling purple-ish aura and then vanishes, as Beltrius falls unconscious.

Few months go by and Beltrius settles out, not knowing where but he just goes determined to fulfill her goddesses wish.

"Not after your gold, we're after your soul
We make the sky bleed red snow"
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