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01. What is the Shillien Empire ?

The Shillien Empire is an Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) Roleplaying Guild, located on the European server.
It's a religious military order, an underground cult dedicated to the Goddess Shilen (a real Goddess ? a fake Goddess ? more about that later...).

The Shillien Empire actually has a long history !
It was first born in Lineage II about 10 years ago, as one of the only RP Clans the servers had at that time (along with another great RP Clan called Echoes of Darkness), then it went on hiatus after the Goddess of Destruction update, only to be born again on the Lineage II Classic server.
Now most of our members have moved to Elder Scrolls Online, so after all these years the Shillien Empire is rising again on Tamriel !

This Guild is aimed at casual, mature and friendly roleplayers, and everyone can join regardless of class or level.
The idea is to mix everything the game has to offer (PvE, PvP, Housing, Crafting, Guild Trading, ...) with an extra layer of RP fun, and explore the world of Tamriel together !

02. How do I join ?

The easiest way is to send an ingame mail or a direct whisper to our Officers :

Alternatively, you can register here on this website and send a mail to Grazzt, or even post on our forums !

03. What do you mean by "Role-playing" ?

Roleplaying means playing as your character, acting as if you actually were your character, instead of only playing as you the player. It truly adds an extra layer of fun and immersion to the game !

Don't worry though, to us, Roleplaying doesn't mean we're always staying in-character no matter what, saying "thee" or "thou" all the time, and constantly using emotes like <bows very gracefully with a look of deep respect in his half-closed eyes>

But it does mean that we don't care about uber-leveling-24/7-grinding players, everyone can play the game the way they want of course, but they're not the kind of people we're looking for.
If all you like in ESO is grind-grind-grind to get to as soon as possible and "pwn" everyone, well, have fun but wihout us ;)

A lot of people nowadays jump to a new MMO, try to reach maximum level as fast as possible, then get bored and quit ... rince and repeat with the next MMO ...
We chose a different approach.
The idea here is casual, light Roleplaying, taking our time, having fun while leveling up and exploring all of Tamriel and uncovering ancient pieces of Lore and hidden Skyshards.

04. Do we have a Guild House ?

We don't have an official ingame Guild Hall, as those are not implemented in the game yet, but we do have a place that we chose on Tamriel to call home !

This is the Mathiisen Manor, owned by Azzagrath (our IC Guild leader) in Auridon, and decorating it together will be one of the fun Guild activities we'll have planned !

05. What about my character's name & everything ?

More info about that is to be found on this RP-specific thread.

06. What are the Ranks ?

The Ranks are used to show your ... well, Rank inside the Guild ;)
The Ranks are set individually by the Overlord (and shown on the Roster page of this website), they do not depend on your character level but on your implication within the Guild.
All Guild members start as Crusaders, and the more they take actions to help the Guild, the faster they will grow. So a lv50 character could be a Crusader while a lv20 character could be a Templar.

The Ranks go this way, from lower to upper :
- Crusader
- Templar
- Cardinal
- Overlord

You can find a more detailed description of each Rank here.

Let me know if you have another question that could be added to this FAQ !

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