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As Gabriel moved from Talking Island he started his diary. Soon enough he had realised writing down daily routine is not that much exciting. Thus the diary had turned to book of occasional notes.
Abyss is above us
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The Progress

See ya, Talking Island.
Here I go, in search of knowledge, on my way to the Progress.

What's that Progress, I am talking about, you may ask.

Hey there, dude/ess, reading my diary ! In case you were wondering who am I talking to, it's basically whoever are reading this. Me included.

Anyways, the Progress ! This is how I call my conception of Greater Good. All that fancy words basically mean we should continuously explore stuff, research stuff, invent stuff, we should do whatever we can to improve our capabilities to affect the world around us, to shape it. So we can shape our life. As individuals and as whole bunch of races.

What "we" am I talking about, exactly ? Whatever ! All of us. Or at least ones who wish to join.

So what should we look into first ? First we should look into the simplest things. And by simplest here I mean: ones with the shortest path from studying to practical use. So what of all the things around I call the simplest ? The Giants' technologies !
Ha ! That was a shocker ! I bet you was not thinking I call this the simplest, was you ?

Why is it the simplest one ? Because I'm insane ? Nah. Because it's already there, up and running. Just come and get it ! Well... maybe I better say it's down and still running... huh.

Luckily, there are people exploring it. Black Anvil guild, or what those dwarfs call themselves, and Ivory Tower mages are, in fact, take this business pretty seriously.

Huh, I can even say I am tied to this from before I was even born. Before my father became a shopkeeper he was a treasure hunter, mercenary, serving to Ivory Tower. My old man always tells stories about those ruins of Giants he was exploring. Also, he always regrets he had no opportunity to learn wizardry when he was young. That is one of the reasons I am a wizard now. Dad did his best to make it possible for me to study in School of Magic.
All my childhood I was told about gigantic building-machines floating in the air, about mysterious glowing obelisks keeping forgotten knowledges of the mighty race long gone, about malformed unbelievable creatures of flesh and stone roaming ancient passages.
Lucky me ! Who would not want to become a wizard, to master an arcane arts after all that ?!

So I say we must learn what all those constructs do, how they work and how we can make all the good stuff work for us.
One may argue is it good idea, what would come out of it if the technology ends up in villains' possession, what... Yeah ! Whatever, I say !
If we think like that we should sit still and do literally nothing. And then we die of boredom. What a horrible end.
I could argue endlessly why could we need Giants' technologies and stuff, but you know what ?
GIANT. FLYING. TOWER. Full of badass looking stuff ! Isn't that exciting ?
Hell of an argument for me.
Abyss is above us
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