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Everyone who lives in Gludin probably know:

There is a very clever and eccentric thief, who specializes in one thing:
He steals from the temple library, he chooses only the rarest books and scrolls.

People chatter that only a part of truth is being exposed to the crowd.

Rumour says those scrolls and books are so important, because all the spells and knowledge in them is being written magically, with power of light (or sometimes not really a light(?) would it even be possible in Einhasad's temple!?) - that makes those scrolls and books impossible to rewrite and the knowlege included can be learned only if you have the original scroll!

This way of creating scrolls and books is a huge mystery that only a few of the highest priests posess. Legends say: Only those who saw a face of the Great Truth and felt the Godess Will can write with light.
Those words written with light teach very powerfull and advanced spells or give the hidden knowledge, but to learn them you need an original scroll and months of studies. Also, not everyone can learn from those scrolls and books, this is reserved for only a handful of people.
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