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INT 15

::: I N F O R M A T I O N __ T O __ T H E __ P U B L I C :::
- something your character can know if he asks NPCs like any human in Gludin, especially everyone involved in Einhasad's cult
- exceptions are: Athya's relatives (if you want to ask them, tell me, i will play them for u)

Name: Athya

Race: Human

Class: Cleric who is learning to become a prophet.

Age: 20

Alignment : Lawful neutral.

Occupation: Athya is a cleric.

Appearance details of note:
- Emaciated girl, short and fragile.

She was considered as a gifted child from a very poor family in Gludin, that's why she ended learning to be a cleric in Gludin's temple. She was 8 years old, when she started her learning path. Her parents had 7 other children, Athya was in the middle. Her family was not well known, but if u have ever seen beggars on the market or child stealing food, you probably saw one of Athya's relatives. That's why noone was ever suprised that young temple adept never even tried to visit her family. Years were passing by, child became a woman, not a pretty one, but one that was very clever. However, Athya was not gifted with any powers like magical abilities or strength and fencing talent, she was just a very intelligent person, who always knows what to say or when to keep quiet. Her best skill was to memorize everything in short time. Probably that is why it was decided for her to become a prophet of Holy Mother Einhasad. It's not a secret that becoming one of them is to learn a bilion prayers, psalms and incantations wards - and this wasn't a problem to her. Instead, she seemed to enjoy spending time in temple's library, listening to elders and even, from time to time, leaving the town for days, to spend her time in lonelyness, so she could meditate and pray.

::: I N F O R M A T I O N __ T O __ B E __ D I S C O V E R E D :::
- atm there are no infos for the players, i have everything prepared, but i don't want to spoil :) i will reveal it as your chars find out

Atachment points for potencial RP:
- Your char can bump into hooded person (too short to be an adult elf) in the Dark Elves Village, who flips like a shadow from one of the village main hauses.
- Your char may have some business in the Gludin's temple - fe buy cheap blessings (adepts like Athya can offer it), order to pray for someone, order the priest for the funeral, look for a healer for someone sick or wounded.... or just try to steal something from the temple :D.
- You can always propose something else, i will fit to it.
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