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I was the first born in a family of phantom summoners with old traditions that were handed down from generation to generation. My family lived in old mansion in the middle of the forest. Far from any town on village. My name is Idemona, I guess I don't need to explain that it means „demon“. I had younger sister Ukufa, which means „soul“. It's one of many family traditions, naming first child after a demon or a ghost and second one after a spirit or a heart. As a demon I was supposed to become the phantom summoner and my sister as a soul had to become my guardian. Guardians usually become knights or archers.

After I learned how to read, I had to start studying magic. Not phantom summoning, but all sorts of things about magic. Healing, buffing, wind magic, fire magic, water magic, weakening spells and all other stuff. If I had at least one free hour, I loved to go outside, sit in the garden and paint nature, sometimes my sister. I really loved Ukufa, we used to spent all our free time together. But one day Ukufa fall ill and nothing could help her. Everyone said she is going to die.

Father suggested to use an old ritual to save Ukufa's soul by turning it into a servitor. My mother agreed, but wanted to be the one to perform the ritual. It was the oldest family summoning tradition. I had to do it, since she was my guardian, but I could not, because I was too young at the moment, and had no power for it. That is how I lost my beloved sister. Despite the fact, that she had became a Shadow, I still loved her and spent that free time in the garden drawing it. It is believed, that after a soul becomes a servitor, persons soul with all his memories moves to a new body, and they can recognize their family and friends.

One day while I was playing with Shadow in the garden, my mother came to me and said, that she needs to leave for some time, but she will always be by my side watching me. I could tell, that my mother didn't wanted to go there but she had to, so I had no choice, just to smile and wish her a great journey. Few months had passed and my father sumoned another servitor, very powerful Soulless. That servitor had a really unusual habit to hang out with me, and Shadow. Usually servitor follows his owner, but this one was different.

Then it happened, I already was 79 year old, and after I turn 80, I was supposed to start studying the art of summoning. Then it came time for me to start learning about servitors and their summoning, I got permission to go to father‘s library as often as I wanted to and I could read all books from there on my free time. Of course, the most interesting books was about my family. And that was the time I found my father‘s records about his achievements in magic.

It was a really thick book, it included all his theories, researches, experiments and sketchs. He even wrote about Ukufa. While I was reading about Soulless I got a strange feeling and the more I read, the more I started realizing that that servitor is my mother. With panic I started to look for more evidence and then family maid came in with my tea and saw me with books. I got confused and said to her "My beloved sister is a Shadow... And now my mother is a... Soulless?". Maid told me to sit and calm down at first and then told whole truth about my mother‘s fate.

I can't remember anything that made me so angry and disapointed at the same time like my family then. The same day I gathered my stuff and left home with an orc called Bahgigoth that was helping my family for few years. When I left I was only 102 years old and Bahgigoth was 28. I still can't believe he agreed to go with me... It was a calm evening, sun was just starting to set, slaves were having dinner. I came to what I believed was the strongest family's orc, and told him to take his stuff becouse we need to leave. He didn't said anything, he took his knife, nod his head, and we left.

It was the most stupid thing I have ever done. But I have no regrets. My new life was hard at beginning, everything I knew about magic, was just useless crap. I had to learn to hunt, to cook the prey, to make traps, to make a tent and the most importat, to survive in the wilds. Then I learned all of that and fighting with a dagger, we joined group of bandits and for some time help with their bounty tasks to make some adenas.

After saving huge amount of adenas, we left bandits and started traveling around Aden. While visiting Oren, I had a great conversation with master of healing arts. He was impressed by my knowlidge about magic and asked to become his student, I couldn't say no. After becoming Shilien Elder I still wanted to travel more, but already 30 years of traveling have passed, Bahgigoth was old and I had to promise him, that I will find the place to settle down and I will stop wandering around Aden.

As our last destination we decided to visit School of Dark Arts and Shilen Temple. Thats there I heard about this Shillien Empire cult. At first, I was not sure if this is what I want to join, but Bahgigoth asked to do it for him. I'm still not sure if this was the right thing to do, and only time will show.

After Bahgigoth left, I started to suffer from thoughts about my home and family. It's not like I miss them or want to pay a visit, it's just that I can't remember it. I can't remember my house, my garden, forest... But it's not the worst. What doesn't give me peace is that I cant remember my family, how they looked like. I see Ukufa as Shadow and I can't help myself. And every time I try to remember my parents, memories are very blurry and looks like my mother is hiding behind Soulless who glows with light and my father is surrounded by dark shadows... I'm afraid, I will never be able to remember their faces...
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Dear diary,

The longer I stay with this order, the more I find people I want to be close to. Actually, it's just Adilya. I don't know why, but I like her and want her near. It's not that I have feelings for her, no, I like her as a person, as a friend. Hearing her story about her lost love makes me want to help her. We haven't talked a lot but somehow I feel like we have a connection. Is it because she has a servitor? Maybe because I was the one to ressurect her for new life? I can't really say.

Anyway, she was there when I needed help with Tyra, so I'll be there to help her to find her missing love. I have no idea how I will be able to help her, but I think, I can start looking for information how to make someone live longer or anything to prolong a life span since her lover is a human. And I know place where I'll get this knowledge for sure... From my fathers library.

Maybe it's time to visit my home, I haven't been there for... forever. I don't expect a warm welcoming. I left them, trampled family's tradition and became Shilien Oracle instead of a Phantom Summoner, haven't tried to contact them even once. But even so, I was always looking for a way to know if they are doing okay and other stuff. I know, that my grandma will be glad to see me, but I can't be sure that my father will feel the same way...

I don't want anyone from order to know that I'm going to visit my family, so I'll leave today so that I would be able to come back 'till Shilenday.
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