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Name Idemona

IC Attributes
CON 16
INT 16
WIS 15
CHA 10

Race Dark elf

Class Shilien Elder

Age Young Adult about 130

Alignment Lawful evil

Gifted painter
Very resistant to diseases


Hard to communicate with

White as snow hair, pale skin, always looks calm and cold, never smiles, has soft voice, looks physically strong.

Does not talk straight forward. Idemona is not a chatty type, so sometimes can look cold and hostile, but she always listens what others have to say and tries to help. You just need to find the best way to start the conversation. Treats servitors like her friends. Thinks that world is ruthless place and you have to be the same if you want to survive. Hates to talk about her past, especially about family.

Idemona was the first born in phantom summoner's family with old traditions that were handed down from generation to generation. She had a younger sister Ukufa, girls loved and took care of each other, until Ukufa fall ill and nothing could help her. Everyone said she is going to die. But girl's father used an old ritual to save Ukufa's soul by turning it into a servitor. Idemona loved that servitor as her sister, and spent lots of time with it, like she was used to do with Ukufa.

One day Idemona's mother came to her and said, that she needs to leave for a long time, but she will always be by her side watching her. After few months father summoned another, very powerful servitor, that was very attached to Idemona, never left her alone and always helped how could.

Then it came time for Idemona to start learning about summoning, she accidentally found father's records about the last his servitor, and she started realizing, that it could be her mother. She started to look for more evidence then family maid came in and saw her. They started talking, and maid confirmed her theory about her mother's fate.

Idemona the same day gathered her items and left home with orc Bahgigoth that was helping her family for few years. They have traveled a lot, during this time Idemona mastered art of healing and become Shilien Elder. After visiting Shilen Temple decides to join The Shillien Empire, because she was tired of wandering around the world and wanned to finally settle down.
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