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#11906128 Dec 30, 2015 at 01:53 PM
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Hello, folks.

As you may have noticed L2 encourages people cooperation and social behaviour. And since we are united as clan it applies to us even more.
What I gonna be talking about here are approaches to leveling and gearing up we might take as clan.
I won't be talking about economics for now. Just mobs hunting.

First of all I'd like to shortly describe theory behind grinding mobs.

1. It's wrong to fight blue, blueish, red and redish mobs. Blue part is obvious, as for red here are some clarifications. You see, first of all one hunting red/ish mobs got penalty on both XP and drop chance, so it's suboptimal in terms of adena&drop per time ratio. Secondly it's risky. If one accidentally pull 2 mobs and/or it mob deals critical hit one may end up dead without even noticeing. Being in group doesn't really help here. Group will react on your HP dropping even slower than you will. (this is just my guess but it could be that if you are killed by red you got higher chance to drop stuff)

2. Hunting greenish mobs is beneficial. In general it takes less time to kill it than white/yellow so it might give the same adena/time ratio. But it's not like that for drops. If mobs drop mats they normally drop one piece of it, no matters green or yellow. So it might be better drop/time ratio.

3. Fighting yellow is really good if you are overgeared (like leveling twink) or overenchanted. Not so good otherwise.

There are some tactics we might use.
You know all that things like mages or archers CPs etc all nice and shiny. Right. In theory. If you are dedicated 24/7 nolifer. Who actually managed to join such CP. And got drivers.
Now let's try to work with what we got.
We should keep in mind we should not only find a way to play together but make it more effectively than solo. Or at least not less. So it will take some experimenting and mental effort to find our optimal way. But I'm sure it will pay off with good times we will have playing together.

So far I can suggest 2.5 ways of leveling together.

1. Melee grinding pack. It's simple really. We assign main attacker (MA, pointer), assist them, grind mobs untill MA get tired, switch to another MA. It's important to notice such tactics requires fat mobs. Preferably with multiplied HP. As there are no catacombs such spots for our current levels (e.g. Partisan Hideway, Abandoned Camp) are rare and crowded.
Pros: easy tactic, allows pretty wide range of levels and equipment among the party.
Cons: it's problematic to find and hold a proper spot.

2. AoE farming. We are lucky to have Boss as tank so we can do this. First of all tank goes and gathers mobs, spoiler follows them to provide counterstuns against griefers and do some spoiling (if there is no mass spoil yet). When enough mobs are gathered they are pulled to mages to be grinded with AoEs. Healer stands ready. Tank don't really need to withstand tons of damage. Tank just keeps running while mages deal damage. Tank is necessary because of Agression ability. There are some failsafe mechanisms here: if tank lags, stops or whatever there are healer to keep them alive. If healer lags or whatever tank got ultimate defence. If something happens to one mage there is another. Stunner and other melee characters provide cover from stuns killing mobs/griefers while tank gathering the train.
Pros: can be adapted to lots of location, can be used with greenish mobs to improve items/time ratio, allows to level uninvolved characters.
Cons: requires some degree of teamwork to pull out, mages and tank are needed.

In the end I suggest we should level the Boss up to 22 (where he gets Aggression ability) ASAP.
I also want to point out that for some of us leveling together may be less beneficial to farm together than solo (yeah I'm talking about mages right now). But just think about how great it is to stride our way side by side with clanmates to the greater good. We always can go play some Diablo solo, right ? :)
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#11906314 Dec 30, 2015 at 03:28 PM
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You have way too much free time on your job :d but yeah its always more fun to play together, especially with clan. Im always up for it. :)

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#11906491 Dec 30, 2015 at 04:53 PM · Edited over 6 years ago
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#11906128 NewHorizons wrote:

We are lucky to have Boss as tank so we can do this. [...]
In the end I suggest we should level the Boss up to 22 (where he gets Aggression ability) ASAP.

Strangely enough, I agree with that !! :P
I think you should also give me Top D Armor & Weapon so it would be easier for me ... I mean, for everyone ... of course ... right ?? :B
But more serioulsy, we'll have to rehearse all the tactics & things you just said cos I'm not sure I understood everything, but we'll get there !

#11906314 Tinc3 wrote:

You have way too much free time on your job :d

#11915429 Jan 03, 2016 at 05:15 AM
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#11906491 Grazzt wrote:

I'm not sure I understood everything, but we'll get there !

I made pictures ! At 5a.m. ! Yay insomnia (and holidays) !

Note that this is my interpretation of NewHorizons post, I may be totally wrong.

First the tank gets aggro on a bunch of mobs while the others play cards :

Then the DDs lay waste on the mobs with AoE spells while the tanks runs in circle to avoid getting struck by mobs and having mobs get out of range of DDs.

As you can see the healer and stunner are doing nothing at all, getting stuff and Xp for free. That is because they are clearly superior beings and deserve to be served by you.

Also problems happens, healers and stunners get useful then.
Case 1 : Grieffers come around, our stunners can stun them before they get to the tank.

Case 2 : Our tank is watching cat videos (yeah, right..) on his second screen. Our healers will need to maintain him alive otherwise we may wipe and it will be their entire fault. Always blame the healer.

In NewHorizons post, stunners are spoilers who can... spoil while they have nothing better to do.
In any case, healers are a good insurance if a mob decides DDs are tastier than the tank or when the tank will inevitably get hit by mobs.

On a side note, Hrube is also a tank right now : bladedancers get separated from the tank path at level 40. He is level 23 as I write this post which means he has the taunt skill.
#11915745 Jan 03, 2016 at 09:59 AM
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But then I raise you a question! What should useless classes ? Get separated from clan activities?

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We make the sky bleed red snow"
#11915956 Jan 03, 2016 at 12:11 PM
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In the scenario discussed above so called uselsess classes can just sit XPing for free
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#11922216 Jan 05, 2016 at 12:33 PM
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So we have tested this AoE XPing and technically it works even better than I expected.
We have even got some full drops.
Downsides are:
1. It's pretty tedious for tank.
2. Most convinient farming areas are overcrowded. (unsurprisingly)
You, guys, are welcome to suggest areas we could try farming.
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