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Hi, folks.

So L2 Classic is hardcore game. Or so it is stated.
Its' hardcoreness is mainly represented by:
1. Difficulties in obtaining the equipment. (Kind of. It's not so hard in 1.5 really.)
2. Punishing death mechanics.
That second part is what I gonna be talking about now.
As we know there are at least 3 ways to die: get killed by another player, by mobs, by environment (e.g. suffocate). The last one is corner case so let's put it aside for now. Being killed by a player won't hurt you so much (just your pride maybe). Be killed by mobs will however. Worst case scenario is be killed by the mobs with the help of a griefer. There are also unexpected lags, disconnects and crashes always waiting for you.
Now saying death I mostly mean equipment loss, obviously.
Well, enough with that rambling. Let's get to practical part already.

First of all consumables:

1. Healing potions. Make sure you have them. It doesn't matter if you got healing abilities. Even if you are Einhasad's favourite bishop #1. Casting will be interrupted, you will be out of mana, you will be cursed with silence etc. etc. Make sure you have these potions with you. They will save your life (equipment, yes) countless times.

2. Antidotes and Bandages. Almost no one buys them. You will get poison/bleed and find your HP on 0 mark in no time. DoTs are extremely potent in L2C (yeah, not only yours but other players' and mobs' as well). Once me and random wizard dude were hunting spiders. I asked him to make sure he got antidotes and he was like "C'mon don't be paranoid, I'm the blazing death machine they won't even get close". During the hunt I was forced to go AFK for a couple minutes. When I returned I found that wizard running with 0 HP with 3 stacks of poison on him (damage doesn't stuck, just pictures), spiders in hot pursuit and Kat the Cat running desperately unable to catch up with those spiders. Hell that was hilarious! Not for that dude, though.

3. Wind Walk Potions. Keep a couple with you. Some mobs are as fast as you, some griefers as well. Without these potions you just will not outrun them.

4. Soulshots/Spiritshots. Even if you are too greedy to use them (as far as I see it only applies to me) you should have them ready. It will help you to deal with that extra mob that was not supposed to aggro at you.

5. Scrolls of Escape and Resurrection. These are optional.

Now let's talk about some tactics.
Here is the list of recommendations with the explanations to them.

1. Do not hunt mobs at the brink of your capabilities. Hunt weaker ones. Make sure you can handle at least two of them at the same time. You should have some safety margin. This one is simple really. You get aggro of one more mob you will die or flee. In the best case (you managed to leg it) it is not productive in terms of adena/time ratio. In the worst case there will be a griefer waiting for easy prey. Single stun and wave good bye to your beloved weapon (Of course you will drop that new shiny weapon of mass destruction you just have bought, not some Stems).

2. Do not dare to underestimate archer and mage type mobs. They will crit your face off one day, I tell ya. Your jewelry are not that great, right ? There are few tricks, though. You may take cover behind a tree/corner/rock/whatever to get some time to heal up and/or force that mob (or even player. works as well) to move closer so you can punch their face. As for mobs named whatever_eye (originated from the wall of poor Argos and spread over the whole continent) there is one more trick. You see, they got 2 types of attack: short ranged magic or melee attack, which can't crit your face off, long ranged windstrike or blaze, which will rip you into elementary particles if crited. So you basically just stay up close to them even if you are mystic/archer so they won't be casting long ranged spells. As far as I recall that won't work with Imps and other mobs who cast Life Drain. Just take cover from that one.

3. When hunting in close quarters don't stay in the middle of the room, you will eventually get surrounded by spawned mobs. Make sure there is nothing between you and your way out. Even if you are dealing with those mobs easy peasy.

4. When you see mob train incoming you stop fighting and run pulling your mob with you away from that train. No doubt the train will be social with the mob you are fighting. If you got stun ability and you are sure the guy pulling the train is griefer not just unlucky noob and/or moral principles allow you just stun the bostah' !

5. Keep your eye on potential stunners (human fighters, orcs, dwarfs, archers). If you follow 1, 2, 3 they will not find you interesting target but still keep an eye on them.

6. In case griefer engaged you and see there is no way out you may actually attack the bad guy back in hope he is stupid enough (there is 50% chance) to fall into temptation get that PvP score and kill you (not letting the mod to do so) so you won't drop a thing.

7. Remember you can log out on the run when you are not in combat (few seconds of not attacking and not being attacked). If you was unlucky enough to get the train log out without hesitation (before someone come up with idea to stun you).

8. If you decided to left you character resting while going AFK make sure you are hidden not only from mobs (they can aggro through walls btw) but from players' eyes as well. So it's not so tempting to pull some train to you. Mobs by themselves won't aggro on you that way but there are abilities like madness/confusion/switch that can make mobs to change target.

And now the conclusion. I got a plot twist for you here.
The most dangerous enemy is your own greed.
Too greedy to buy consumables ? Well buy the new weapon to replace one you just have dropped.
Got greed for XP/drop to hunt that tough mob ? Well here is another one (couple of 'em actually) coming at you.
Want that spot with dense respawn ? Stun from above !

Take care, folks. And thanks for attention. :)
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He he very nicely put, thanks ! 8)
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Great post! Definitely!
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Good work to put it all together like this
"You are like a flowing river my child. Always changing, always finding your way, always able to surprise. Others might slow you down but they won't be able to stop you."
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