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Nickname: New Horizons
Real name: Gabriel

IC Attributes:
STR 10
DEX 11
CON 12
INT 15
WIS 12
CHA 12

Powers & Weaknesses:
With his strategical approach and diverse team on his side Gabriel can be fearsome power on the battlefield.
On the other hand he may appear very fragile when caught unprepared.

Race: Human

Class: Wizard

Age: 23

Alignment: Lawful Good
I enjoy having long conversations about alignment (with myself mostly).
I had understanding of lawful vs chaotic as on who follows the rules vs one how makes own rules. On that scale I prefer chaotic alignment.
Recently I have seen another explanation: lawful thinks individuals should be expected to give up freedoms for the benefit of society as a whole, chaotic think you are better off retaining your individual freedoms by living outside of society. As for me it fits better for L2 and here I prefer lawful.
And if we range lawfulness/chaoticness and goodness/badness from 1 to 99 it will be not (1, 1) Lawful Good but more like (10, 25) Lawful Good (leaning towards Lawful Neutral).

Occupation: Magical trinkets trading, seldom monster hunting.

Appearance details of note:
Gabriel often looks somehow burdened with all these pouches full of potions and bandages for emergency cases.
He also likes to dye his hair in this special greenish colour.

Mostly optimistic.
Prefers rather scientific approach to everything but often finds himself too lazy to do so.
Enjoys both learning and teaching.
Likes to organize people for activities and to assign roles. Though one could rarely find him doing so since Gabriel hates to enforce people do things.

New Horizons is young enthusiastic wizard. Real name is Gabriel. Last name is Sparkles. Gabriel doesn't enjoy it so much and tries not to mention if possible. His weird nickname comes from the days in School of Magic. He was (and still is) obsessed with discoveries on the edge of the known. Gabriel was continuously annoying his associates with his motto "To new horizons !" which eventually stuck to him.
The wizard developed interest in so called dark magic. Though it was not desire to become dark lord of evil or something. Opposite from that, he refuses to associate dark magic with evil stuff. "You see. It's techniques used by giants. It was claimed to be dark because Gods were not happy with those heights giants achieved. This so called dark magic can and must be used for good of all people" he says. One could say dark magic involves some nasty rituals "But what is nasty ? There are some dark techniques that drain life from creatures or even corpses, yes. But we call it disgusting just because of our irrational habits ! It's like... many would not mind to eat a shrimp but few would eat a larva. But what's the difference really ? None ! You know what ? Do you know what all these healing potions we love so much are made of ? Alchemist say they use essence of living creatures to brew them. Mostly it's plant and herbs. They don't have soul, they don't bleed... Right, say that to mandragoras !" he could argue.
Naturally, Gabriel decided to seek like-minded people. He felt like he should leave Talking Island to advance further on his quest. There was actually only two options the wizard managed to find: Hardin's Academy and dark elves. Both of them had questionable reputation among the wizards, priest and human race overall. Gabriel's curiosity leaned him towards the dark elves.
"It's an opportunity to see how those folks live. It could happen I won't be welcome there, but hey ! Let's hope they are kind of thankful for knowledge Dasparion once shared with them. There were some nasty events following that, though... Anyway ! I'm kind of tiered of humans." he thought.
Thus Gabriel wander to the lands of dark elves to seek knowledge and make friends there.
Abyss is above us
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