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Name: Sanvis

Picture: SoonTM

IC Attributes:
  • Strength (STR): 9
  • Dexterity (DEX): 12
  • Constitution (CON): 9
  • Intelligence (INT): 10
  • Wisdom (WIS): 10
  • Charisma (CHA): 6

Race: Dark elf

Class: Abyss Walker


Alignment: Neutral

Occupation: None.

Appearance: Short, slim build, white spiky hair. His skin is paler than most of his kindred. Wears a gray-ish coat with leather armor under it.

Personality: Adventurous, always trying to create new paths, always has a local or global map with him. Curious, wants to learn more of Aden, other species and cultures.

History: Sanvis was born in a small village in the mountains not so far from the legendary Shillen Temple. He and his older brother were born to a mercenary father and a historian mother. Most of his childhood he spent playing with his friends and exercising for the upcoming trials, which was tradition of his village. Once children reach adulthood they are sent to the dangerous world to experience it and then return as wise dark elves.

One day, during the usual practise, a couple years forward after Sanvis' brother left the village, his hometown was attacked by harpies and what seemed to be dark elf mages. The town was burned to ashes, nothing was left alive, not even a little flower in the garden. Sanvis managed to flee for safety to the nearest village. He couldn't stay there as the herd moved closer and closer as the days progressed. His hatred to magic users was expanding every time he would meet one.

After a few months Sanvis found out his brother was spotted in the Shillen temple with a "cult" or so he heard. He then decided to leave for the temple to inform Fethrane about their vanished homeland.
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