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Name Fethrane

IC Attributes
DEX 18
CON 11
CHA 12

Dark elf

Class Abyss Walker

Age Middle-Aged

Alignment Lawful evil

Occupation Insanely loves monster racing, sparing.

Middle-Aged dark elf male, about average height. Dark, spiky hair, has no facial hair, always tries to stay clean shawen. Always dressed up casualy.

Calm - faces every situation with calm and colected manner. Loves competition - never declines a friendly duel. Disciplined - obeys rules of the Shillen. Gambler - is not afraid of taking risks if that would benefit him. Dry humor - makes stupid and not funny jokes.

Fethrane was born in a small village settled in the mountains. The society there was certain that magic is evil and destructive, thus younger generations were clueless about magic in this world. He and his younger brother were born to a mercenary father and a historian mother. As a child Fethrane loved to watch over his adventure-seeking brother, thus making him want to become stronger as he grew up.

His mentor was quite an interesting folk - he was intelligent, swift, adaptable, a true master of combat. The one thing that Fethrane admired the most was his fighting technique. "trust your blade, but never a shield - there is no point in wasting time blocking your opponents strikes. You must hit hard and swiftly so that one cannot react". Fethrane's family and his mentor really admired his talent for fighting and even from time to time father would bring Fethrane to an easier mercenary mission. "In case of anything going bad, I could always trust someone who shares same blood as I do."

Upon reaching adulthood he went through a trial that was a tradition of the village. He completed it successfuly along with his companions. And at the end of the year he left the village in order to explore the world and share his adventures with brother. Altough... He did not knew what he was supposed to do really. One day he started a conversation with an old oracle. "Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or three hundred. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young". At first, Fethrane did not really listened to the old man, but weeks have passed and he started to realized that the world he was living the whole life was a lie, like he was brainwashed to learn that magic is evil. So after that he started to study everything he could find, and with more books, more hatered he felt for his homeland. And soon he discovered Shilien and the story behind her. He felt the need to use his fighting talent for his one and only Goddess.

Thus he decided to travel to the Shilien Temple and join the order. However, not too long after he joined the empire, his brother - Sanvis have reported that the home of both brothers was destroyed by a gang of mages or summoners as he said. At that moment Fethrane felt shocked and his curiosity settled a goal to find who did this, nevertheless he also felt a bit of joy, since he tought they got what they deserved.


Not familiar with magic.

"Not after your gold, we're after your soul
We make the sky bleed red snow"
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edited the history of this character since last one was a bit shameful :P

"Not after your gold, we're after your soul
We make the sky bleed red snow"
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