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Name: Hrube

IC Attributes

STR: 14
DEX: 12
CON: 8
INT: 13
WIS: 11
CHA: 12


As a child Hrube grew up in the city of dark elves. Born into a rich and religious family as the third son, he quickly realized that he has to prove himself if he wants to survive in this harsh world. While he did have a passion for trying to prove himself, life quickly reminded him he is cursed to the bones. He was in-adept in the ways of magic, and his physical strength was everything but good. His older siblings always made fun of him, forcing him to do things that would eventually embarrass the whole family.

If this would't be enough his reoccurring illness reminded the religious family that their child is cursed by Shillien herself. Everyone in the family decided in-favor of the sacrificial ritual of Hrube. They captured him while he was asleep, casting on him a dream spell as a merciful act, and took him down to the spider nest.
When Hrube woke up he was tied to a large stone. He quickly realized what happened as the large horde of spiders big as wagons crawled towards him. It was the end for him. As he was cursing his fate he heard the noise of someone cutting meats and bones followed by loud shrieks. The spiders fled and a human, gray as a wolf, appeared with swords in both of his hands. He untied Hrube who passed out from the shock of recent events and brought him back to his lodge.

Having nowhere to go the young Hrube begged the old man to stay which he first resisted. They made a pact with each other. It turned out the man was a hunter specialized in big monsters. Hrube learned from him how to use swords in both hands, how to poach, and how to survive in the wilderness. He also mentioned a way to cure his sickness, one that Hrube remembers clearly.

Time passed and so did the life of the old man. The young dark elf stayed in the lodge and followed in his master's footsteps. Almost a hundred years have gone by since but Hrube relentlessly searches more ways to improve his fighting technique. He heard a rumor about a dark elf technique that uses dual-blades. His search now is set to his past home...

Powers and Weaknesses:
+: Good with swords.
- : A reoccurring illness troubles him from time to time.

Race: Dark Elf

Class: Blade Dancer

Age: 125

Alignment: Neutral

Occupation: Hunting exotic beasts for rare materials and poaching. Occasionaly he accepts bounty tasks as well.

Appearance: He originally had short gray hair but he dyed it to black in order to protect his identity from other dark elves. He has a few scars laying on his body but it can not be seen because he always covers it.

The Night is coming for us all.
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