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01. What is the Shillien Empire ?

The Shillien Empire is a Lineage II "light-Roleplaying" Dark Elf Clan, located on the Classic (EU) server.
It's a military religious order dedicated to the Goddess of Death herself : Shilen.
This Clan is what's called "light-RP", the idea is to mix grind & PvP with a bit of Role-play, and explore the world of Aden while having fun !

02. How do i join ?

The easiest way is to post your application here on this website !
You can also apply to the Clan "ShillienEmpire" using the Clan Entry window ingame.

03. What do you mean by "Role-playing" ?

Roleplaying doesn't mean we're retards always staying in-character no matter what, saying "thee" or "thou" all the time, and using weird emotes like <bows very gracefully with a look of deep respect in his half-closed eyes>
But it does mean that we don't care about uber-leveling-24/7-grinding players, everyone can play the game the way they want of course, but they're not the kind of people we're looking for.
If all you like in Lineage II is grind-grind-grind til you're able to PK everyone, well, have fun but forget about us ;)
The idea is light-Roleplaying, having fun while leveling up and PvPing.
As an example, we can say whatever we want in the Clan chat, but we really want to stay in-character when we speak in the "All" chat (the white one), that's a small trick that makes a difference between what the player is saying and what the character is saying.

04. Is there a minimum real age requirement ?

Technically, no, we won't ask for your ID before you join, of course, but we'd like this Clan to be for mature players, so ideally you should be at least 20/22 years old or something.

05. Do i have to be an active player ?

If by "active" you mean "usually playing once or twice a week", yes.
If by "active" you mean "being forced to play every single day", then of course not.
We don't want to have a Clan slot taken by someone who shows up once a month, but we all have active real lives, so of course you don't have to be ingame every single day, it's actually recommended that you do something else with your life !

06. What is the Clan level ?

The Clan will soon be level 3, so yes, it means you do get this cool little icon above your head when you join (the icon is the sign of Shilen), and a nice custom title !
Our main goal is to raise the Clan level as soon and as high as we can, and at least to level 5 so we can get an Academy and help new members out !

07. What about my character's name and title ?

Just remember this is a RP Clan, even if it's light-RP, it's RP still.
So your character's name can't be something like "SUPERBOOZZ" or "JamesBond" or "m4r1uS" or anything. You have to keep it kinda "heroic fantasy".
As for your title, it follows the same rule, it has to have an heroic-fantasy feel to it, and it should also be in accordance to your level.
It wouldn't make any sense to have a title like "God Of All There Is" if you're still lv20 !

08. Can I/do I have to choose an alignment and write a background for my character ?

You don't have to do anything, but if you want to, sure, it can only help fleshing out your character !
The Alignment is a concept taken from the venerable (and excellent !) Dungeons & Dragons game, and is a sort of "morality" for your character. You can find more info about that right here.
As for your background (which doesn't have to be 5 pages long, it can be just a few paragraphs), it should give the rest of us an idea of the past of your character, his/her motivations, ...
You can also choose an age for your character ! Dark Elves reach adulthood at 120, and the usually maximum lifespan is 400, so your age should be somewhere between this adult age and whatever you like. Keep in mind that if your level isn't very high, you shouldn't be too old !

09. What are the Ranks ?

The Ranks are used to show your... well, Rank inside the Clan ;)
The Ranks are only a RP thing, they're set individually by the Overlord (and shown on the Members page of this website), they do not depend on your character level but on your implication within the Clan. All Clan members start as Adepts, and the more they take actions to help the Clan (for example helping to level up the Clan with Skill Points), the faster they will grow. So a lv30 character could be a Crusader while a lv20 character could be a Templar.
These Ranks do not have to be your character's Title that is shown above your name ingame, you can use them if you want, but you don't necessarily have to.
The Ranks go this way, from lower to upper :
- Adept
- Crusader
- Templar
- Cardinal (there can only be 4 Cardinals, from the Orders of Knight)
- Hierarch (there can only be 2 Hierarchs, from the Royal Guard)
- Overlord (there can only be 1 OverLord, the Clan Leader)

10. What are the Clan members levels ?

The member level is a feature that was introduced in Chronicle 5, that helps identify the privileges of each Clan member.
As soon as Classic Lineage II hits Chronicle 5, the member's levels will work in accordance to the Ranks, and will go this way :
- 0 Level (Adept) : No particular privilege
- 1st Level (Crusader) : Can search the Clan Warehouse
- 2nd Level (Templar) : Can search the Clan Warehouse, use the Clan Hall and the Castle
- 3rd Level (Cardinal) : Can search the Clan Warehouse, use the Clan Hall and the Castle, invite Clan members
- 4th Level (Hierarch) : Can search the Clan Warehouse, manage the Clan Hall and the Castle, invite and dismiss Clan members, manage Clan wars
- 5th Level (OverLord) : Can do everything

11. Do the Clan engage in Sieges and Clan Wars ?

Of course, PvP is a huge fun part of Lineage II !
As soon as we're ready, we'll go for it !

12. I love the PvP in Lineage, can i kill whoever i want whenever i want ?

Well ... no.
Being in a Clan means that your actions do have repercussions on the whole Clan. This is the part where we have to dissociate ourselves from the RP thing. Remember that behind this Elf is a player who might not be Roleplaying at all and couldn't care less about all this. We should accept all different ways of playing, and we don't want the Shillien Empire to be labeled as "a Dark Elf PK Clan".
The open PvP is a great feature of Lineage II, but you should never kill another player without a good reason. That's also why we'd like to have mature players.
But, if there is a good reason, go for it, and call the whole Clan to help you, we'll be here !

13. Can i leave the Clan when i feel like it ?

Sure !
Being part of a Clan is only a advantage, never an obligation, there won't be any hard feelings if you decide to quit, be it for another Clan, or for any other reason, it's a free world :)

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