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Welcome to The Shillien Empire
Ancient legends call us Drow or Dunmer.
Our weak ennemies call us Dark Elves.
We are the followers of Forbidden Arts.
We are the Black Angels fallen from grace.
We are the Children of Shilen.
We are ... The Shillien Empire.

The Shillien Empire is a Roleplaying Clan in Lineage II Classic, and Roleplaying Guild in Elder Scrolls Online, on the European servers.
You can choose which game you prefer on the top left corner of this page, just select "L2" or "ESO".

The Shillien Empire is an underground cult, a religious military order dedicated to the Dark Elf Goddess Shilen.

It is aimed at casual, mature and friendly people, so if you would consider joining us, don't hesitate to take a look at our Guild FAQ and RP Guidelines, and we hope to see you soon ingame !