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The Characters

[Pinned] Character Template Form

Here is a little Template Form that you can use (or not, or part of it, as you wish !) to tell us a bit more about your characters.Name :Picture : (you can use sites like imgur for free hosting)Attributes :• Strength (STR): Strength is a measure o...
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[Pinned] Alignments
RP Discussion

[Pinned] Alignments

The Alignment is a totally optional concept, but which you can use if you want to be more specific about the way your character will act.It's taken from the venerable (and excellent !) Dungeons & Dragons game, and is a sort of "morality" for y...
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[Pinned] RP Guidelines
RP Discussion

[Pinned] RP Guidelines

I. General guidelinesWhat is "Role-playing" ?Roleplaying means playing as your character, acting as if you actually were your character in the game world, instead of only playing as you, the player behind your PC screen. It adds an extra layer of ...
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[Pinned] Guild FAQ
General Discussion

[Pinned] Guild FAQ

01. What is the Shillien Empire ?The Shillien Empire is an Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) Roleplaying Guild, located on the European server.It's a religious military order, an underground cult dedicated to the Goddess Shilen (a real Goddess ? a fake G...
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Off Topic

Memes and gifs

You made a special face ic or ooc during the rp? Maybe you can find a gif or meme that expresses it.Me and Hull when tince logs in with Fethrane:
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Character Stories

The Quiet Peaks

Fethrane was born in a small settlement located somewhere around Shadowfen. The settlement mer were mostly outcast dunmer who feared gods and magic itself, as magic is evil and destructive, thus younger mer were clueless about magic in this world....
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RP Discussion


As I said, birthsigns in eso are very important to describe what your character's weaknesses and powers are, so I decided to add it and maybe it will help you with character development.The Warrior (August) is the first Guardian Constellation and ...
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The Characters

Beltrius Rilvulis

Name : Beltrius RilvulisPicture : Attributes :• STR 10• DEX 12• CON 8• INT 14• WIS 15• CHA 17 Race : DunmerClass : NightbladeAge : Quite young, 27 years oldAlignment : Lawful EvilBirth sign : The AtronachOccupation : At the moment his family suppo...
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Character Stories

From Ahrista to Noraya

Dear Noraya,Tonight I‘m becoming a vampire and starting to live my eternal life. And I‘m writing this, because I want you to remember some things from your mortal life. First, I‘m giving you new name: Noraya Flare. I‘m doing this not because I‘m t...
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Off Topic

Argonian Lore

Wanna know more about Argonians? liked this video :D
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The Characters


Click for background story***Basic Details***Full Name: Tze'qua or "subject 064"Race: ArgonianGender: FemaleAge: About 25Birthsign: The ApprenticePlace of Birth: ArgoniaAlignment: Chaotic GoodCombat Role: Damage DealerKnown Nicknames: TzeAttribute...
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Character Stories

Gardart "The Crow"

Dagger thrusts into the side of Gardart, feeling pain he quickly understands that he cannot control the body, as the poison applied to the dagger paralyzes the body, and Gardart falls on the ground"…This is the end huh? I’m going to die before my ...
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The Players

Hullhy, but hull for friends

Hai, hello, shalom and in every other language hey, my name is Neven, 19 from Zagreb, Croatia.As of writing this, I am completing my second year of college for programming. I don't know what else to write really, if anyone wants to know more, just...
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Character Stories

Story of a Nord, Hernald

Hernald Bluebear, born in the outskirts of Windhelm, is the last living member of once very known Bluebear clan. Just 200 years ago, the Bluebears were known for having good and valiant warriors but as time passed, they soon turned to trade and wi...
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The Characters


***Basic Details***Full Name: Hernald Bluebear [Hernald does not know his last name]Race: NordGender: MaleAge: 23Date of Birth: UnknownBirthsign: The SteedPlace of Birth: WindhelmAlignment: Neutral GoodCombat Role: TankKnown Nicknames: None***App...
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Character Stories

subject 064 (Tze'qua)

Click for CharacterTze'qua lived at an Argonian tribe in Argonia (known as Black Marsh). She learned many things in her early life about life itself. In the age of about 5, mage Dunmeri of the House Telvanni invaded the peacefull tribe, capturing ...
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The Players

Tinc3, also known as that handsome dude.

I think it is time for me to introduce now :D So hey, my name is Thomas but my friends and family call me Tince(pronounced tin-se) and I live in Lithuania, Vilnius, where I work as a welder and a smith :D. I am 20 years old and I live with my soon...
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RP Discussion

Soul Gems

Hello I have a question that I'd like to discuss with you all, and that is, how do we control soul gems?Soul gems are used for various of reasons - enchant/charge magical enchantments, animate undead or artificial constructs (like dwemer machines)...
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The Players


Alright, some words about me then :I discovered the Roleplaying world with the Dungeons & Dragons Basic Red Box back in Junior High, around 1983 (yeah I'm a bit old...), and never really stopped since then !Now of course real-life commitments ...
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RP Discussion


About the name of our Goddess, her name is Shilen.For those who may not know, this is the name of the Dark Elf Goddess of Destruction in Lineage II, one of the (in my opinion) best MMORPG of all time, which comes complete with a deep and rich lore...
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